August 18, 2011 Posted by Tom Bale in book news

French edition of TERROR'S REACH available now

The French edition of TERROR'S REACH is available now, published by Presses de la Cité under the title COUPÉS DU MONDE, which I understand means something like 'Cut Off From the World'. That's certainly appropriate for the theme and setting of the book, although it's slightly worrying that many of the French retail sites have omitted that all-important accent on the 'e', transforming the title into 'World Cups'.

Hopefully that won't cause too much confusion - thankfully the cover image is appropriately sinister and striking, and doesn't in any way give the impression of a book about football or rugby. And I'm delighted to say that the translation was by Jacques Martinache, who has a very distinguished record of work on books by Tess Gerritsen, John Connolly, Conn Iggulden, Gregg Hurwitz and many others. Now all I can do is hope that Joe Clayton is a hit with French readers!

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