September 22, 2011 Posted by Tom Bale in blog

Teething Troubles

I'm glad to say that the transfer to the new website went remarkably smoothly, and so far the feedback has been extremely positive, but it's possible that some of the messages sent via the "contact" form haven't made their way through. Sorry about this - if you did send a message and haven't had a reply, it means it didn't get to me, so I'd ask that you kindly contact me again. It should be working fine now, and of course you can still reach me on tombale@hotmail.co.uk or via my Facebook page.

Very busy at the moment with promotional activity, including visits to local bookshops to try and drum up some pre-publication interest in BLOOD FALLS. So far the response has been wonderful, and I should soon be able to announce several events for the coming weeks. The bookmarks I had made have proved so popular that the first batch of 2500 has nearly gone, so I'll be re-ordering more soon!

Having resisted the siren call of Twitter for so long, I've finally succumbed and have been finding it quietly addictive. As if I needed more reasons to stay online when I could be writing. Or reading. Or interacting with real live people in the same room as me... Ah, well. If you're similarly inclined, you can follow me at @t0mbale.

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