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Tom Bale is a pseudonym for David Harrison, whose debut novel, SINS OF THE FATHER, was published by Creme de la Crime in April 2006. Following the sale of Creme de la Crime to Severn house, the paperback edition went out of print and rights reverted to the author, who has self-published it as an ebook in various formats.


"SINS OF THE FATHER is a wonderful, exciting read full of twists and turns... This is a sterling effort from a new face on the crime scene and I am definitely looking forward to seeing David Harrison as a name to be reckoned with..."
Chris Simmons,
"Brighton-based writer David Harrison makes a splendid debut with this taut, pacy thriller set firmly in the Sussex countryside. Blackmail, kidnap, murder and fraud take centre stage in this first-rate who-and-why dunnit, replete with a rich cast of characters and edge-of-the-seat situations where no one is safe."
Mike Howard, The Argus.
"SINS OF THE FATHER is a rattling good read... a writer to watch for sure."
Sharon Wheeler, Reviewing the Evidence.
"A pacy thriller with great characters... This is MY recommendation for a great holiday read - if you can wait that long."
Kate Harris, Ottaker's Eastbourne.
"Occasionally brutal, but very readable... this writer seems to me to have real potential. He is not only a capable story-teller, but also has a knack for creating people who are flawed but nevertheless appealing. I look forward to his next book."
Martin Edwards, Tangled Web.
"A fast-paced tale of violent retribution... A rewarding, enjoyable thriller... With enough originality and psychological underpinning to make it stand well above the morass of Vatican conspiracy tales currently clogging the charts, it's an accomplished debut for David Harrison..."
Karl Brown, Brokers' Monthly.



The past comes back to haunt Nick Randall when a celebrity biographer claims to have evidence of his late father's involvement in a terrible crime. If it comes out the tabloids will have a field day: Eddie Randall was a popular comedy star back in the 1960s.

Nick sets out to clear his father's name - or at least to unearth the truth. He is already investigating a major insurance scam, and is taken by surprise when he discovers connections with Eddie’s past. Matters take a darker turn when his estranged wife is found dead, and he finds himself on the wrong end of a murder inquiry.

When his sister's family becomes a target, Nick realises they are all being stalked - by someone intent on destroying the lives of everyone who was close to Eddie Randall. But can they track down their unknown enemy before tragedy strikes again?


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