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The Catch - published 7 March 2013

'Tom Bale is one of the best British thriller writers around.'
Simon Kernick
Praise for THE CATCH:
Races along to a gripping finish.
Sunday Mirror
On page one I was gripped by Bale’s faultless narrative, by the final page I was left in a state of awe at his storytelling skills. ‘The Catch’ is a marvelously pitched tale of dishonour, greed and self-preservation triumphing over duty and obligation.
Graham Smith, Crimesquad
A clever tale of unintended consequences... this is also a good crime set-piece novel. Tom Bale manages to balance the seemingly ordinariness of his characters with their facility for lying and self-deception in such a way that you still can't help but hope that they survive the nastiness that is heading their way like a runaway train.
Adrian Magson, Shots
Bale manages to keep the momentum going by switching between the lives of the various characters while keeping his eye on the overall theme.
Lloyd Paige
A good, well-executed, distinctly British thriller, that is certainly worth checking out.
Raven Crime Reads
It's a bloody and at times rather squalid tale as well as a gripping and unusual one. Bale specialises in villains who have believable motives for their actions but are none the less appalling for all that.
Mat Coward, Morning Star


How far do you go for a friendship? That's the question Daniel Wade is forced to ask when a simple favour has fatal consequences. For the sake of his old schoolmate, Robbie - and more importantly for Robbie's sister, Cate - Dan agrees to go along with a lie. But soon he's sucked into a conspiracy that threatens to consume them all.

How hard do you fight for a fortune? For Gordon and Patricia Blake, the dead man held the key to a glorious future. Now that future has been ripped from their grasp, and the Blakes want to know why. Then they want revenge.

How can you hope to survive? With a ruthless predator on their trail, Dan realises that evading justice is the least of their worries. All that matters now is staying alive...

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